The winemaking culture is developed in many countries: Italy, France, Chile, Argentina… All of them are doing their best to make people think about their superior position in the industry. Some of them are proud of their special regions. For example, everyone knows about regions in France such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne. French people always note that these French regions have very special climates and favorable conditions for making special wine. 

When all the wine producer countries are trying to be different and unique, Georgia has these factors naturally – Georgia is the birthplace of wine and has the most unique and exceptional way of winemaking – Qvevri.

Mostly when people hear “Georgia,” they usually think about the state in the USA. Georgia is a country in Eastern Europe, bounded on the west by the Black Sea, on the north by the Caucasus mountain range, and on the south by Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. This little country has big enough winemaking history, that any country would be jealous.

Locals are rightly proud of Georgian wine history: The country is known as the “cradle of wine,” as in 2017, archaeologists have traced the world’s first known wine creation in Georgia. The estimated age of the winemaking culture in Georgia is 8000 years. Early Georgians were making wine at least 6000BC when they discovered grape juice could be turned into wine after burying Kvevris underground.

Archaeologists have traced the world’s first qvevri, grape pips, and precipitated wine acid. These pieces of evidence prove, that Georgian people were the first to make wine and also give us information on how developed an agricultural industry was in Georgia 8000 years ago.

Besides that Georgians have made the first wine, the name of this drink is Georgian too. The base word Besides that Georgians have made the first wine, the name of this drink is Georgian too. The base word is the same for almost every language – in English Wine, in Italian “vino” and in Slavic languages “вино” makes us sure, that name is Georgian too.

8000 history of winemaking has become part of Georgian culture. In Georgia, when people want to get drunk, they drink vodka, chacha, or some kind of spirit. Wine is so sacral drink, that Georgians only drink on special days and to enjoy themselves. Wine has always been a mystic drink for Georgians and not only alcohol.

Wine harvest is another special thing in Georgian winemaking culture. It even has its own name – Rtveli. During Rtveli, the whole country is involved in this process – in September and October, hundreds of thousands of people gather grapes with their own hands.

When we are talking about Georgian wine, there is no way we don’t talk about Qvevri. This is the technology that is being used for 8000 years and makes Georgia even more extraordinary. The qvevri is an egg-shaped earthenware vessel used for making, aging, and storing wine. It is the oldest way of making wine and because of its history and uniqueness, the qvevri wine-making method was given UNESCO status of non-material cultural heritage. The qvevri wine has a unique aroma and flavor which is characteristic only for this type of wine.

Georgia is special with its huge number of domestic species as well. There are more than 530 species, which is too many for this tiny country. All of these grapes are very different and this makes Georgian wines multi-various. It is a big challenge to preserve all of them and use them wisely. Because of that, it is very important to make many kinds of wines. Winiveria is involved in this process and trying to develop Georgian wine culture – the company makes 9 different kinds of wine and many of them are made in Georgian traditional way – in Qvevri.

Mostly, when people are talking about Georgian winemakers, the first thing that comes to mind is the Kakheti region. The region is located in eastern Georgia and makes more than half of Georgian wine. Winiveria has Kakhetian wines too, such as Georgian wine Saperavi and Khikhvi, and also “Kakhetian Mtsvane”.

Kakheti’s dominant position does not mean that wine made in other regions is not as good as they are. Kakheti’s dominant position does not mean that wine made in other regions is not as good as they are. Kartli with its “Goruli Mtsvane” and Racha with “Aleksandrouli” and “Mujuretuli” are also very famous in Georgia and are many people’s favorite wines. As we already mentioned, one of the most important thing in Georgian winemaking culture is the fact, that there are more than 530 species and all of them has their originality.

Before Georgia’s independence, the Georgian winemaking industry was struggling to be on a high level. The reason was that Soviet Union only needed falsified products, neither quality nor taste. After Georgia restored independence from the Soviet Union, the Georgian winemaking industry developed rapidly. Georgia is now making a name for itself in the natural wine market. Even though it’s a small country with small production, the traditional methods and using clay for storage and fermentation have put the country back at the forefront of wine production.
Winiveria is very proud of the fact, that the company is involved in this process and since 2005 has been doing everything to offer high-quality products to our customers both in Georgia and abroad. The company wants to present the wine made of Georgian local grapes and enhance the reputation of our wine and gain even further acknowledgment on the international market. The popularity of Winiveria wines is steadily growing abroad. Our wines distinctive with their outstanding flavor and great quality are successfully sold in Europe and Asia. If you want to taste aromas that you have never had before, have a look at our catalog.

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